Google Search Now Lets You See When Shops Are Busiest

Are you tired of the long queues you normally encounter in shops and restaurants? Perhaps this new Google’s feature will get you sorted out. Google recently releases a new feature that was based on the location data gathered that allows you to see which shops or restaurants are a no go zone at particular times. Based on the data, the feature works by showing you when restaurants and shops are busiest hence advising you against visiting those particular locations. Why would you queue for long hours when you can just check these results via Google Maps and know when exactly to visit your favourite joint?

Google Search
Google Search

The new feature uses location tracking data to show the trends in our cafes, gyms and other outlets hence allowing people to know when exactly to visit. If you hate crowds and do not want to queue, you can use the data to schedule your visit. What the search engine does is that it tracks locations where people are using data logged by the different apps on their smartphones which in turn allows the search engine to highlight the traffic congestions on its road maps. As a result, queue data automatically appears on Google once that location is selected. The feature also provides you with complete information on the location’s hourly popularity throughout the day and on each day of the week.

Since the service is still on its rollout phase, it will take a bit of time before the popularity information of outlets concrete. Currently, there are millions of places with this information already available on Google but the number is expected to increases tremendously once the feature has fully rolled out.

In a statement released by the search engine, Google explained,” Ever felt the need to avoid long queues and are you often wondering about when is the best time to visit a grocery shop, cafĂ© or even hit the gym? You’re in luck because you can now avoid all of these. You can now see the busiest times of the week at millions of places and outlets around the world directly from Google Search. ” Google then went on to give an example using ”Blue Bottle Williamsburg”. If you tapped on the title, you’ll be able to see how busy the joint gets throughout the day allowing you to enjoy your extra time.