Researchers from MIT and Google Release an Algorithm That Allows You to Take Photos without Reflections

Technology has never ceased to amaze us when it comes to new inventions. Have you ever tried taking a photo through a window or a plane? If you have, then you can attest to the fact that your final image normally features plenty of reflections. Without a doubt, these reflections are annoying and end up ruining your photo moment. However, from now henceforth you no longer have to worry about this because researchers at MIT and Google have come up with a perfect solution that addresses this issue completely.


They have come up with a technology that is capable of removing these reflections from your photos. Isn’t just amazing? In a paper that is scheduled to be presented at Siggraph 2015 later on this month, the researchers, illustrate exactly how an individual can make a short video sequence with their devices and then use the algorithm to take care of the reflections.

You do not expect to find rain drops, fences, reflections, or any other obstructions on your final image. The algorithm works in such a way that it will analyse the different images from the video and on its own, it will figure out the obstructions both on the foreground and the background and takes care of the same. Since the algorithm has the ability of detecting reflections in a window, it can in turn create a clear picture of the reflection on its own.

The saddest part about this technology is that we are yet to be told about the official date when it will be available on our smartphone cameras.