YouTube Gets A Revamped New Look

Have you used your YouTube channel recently? If yes, then you must have noted something different. Yes, there is nothing wrong with your player. YouTube has introduced a new player interface that is sleeker and enticing to the eye. The update which has just been rolled out features a transparent control bar which happens to disappear when you start using the video player. The player has also updated its buttons and drop down menus. Desktop users can now expect to operate their players in a similar manner as mobile device users.


It looks as if the four months efforts have finally paid off with this newly revamped player. The buttons on the new player have been enlarged same as the drop down button. As mentioned above, all these features are mobile-inspired. One thing that users will have to bear with is the absence of the ”Watch Later” feature. As part of the update, the ”Watch Later” button has apparently been removed from the control bar.

The update comes at such a time when individuals are watching YouTube videos at a higher rate when compared to desktop users. A new report released by the channel noted that there was an increased usage on mobile with an average session of over 40 minutes per session which represented a more than 50 percent as compared to last year.

Therefore, this change makes a lot of change as the channel plans to make its desktop player look and feel more like its mobile counterparts.