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Get in-depth and accurate News via MSNBC Live Streaming and its range of award-winning shows, such as the Rachel Maddow Show and Morning Joe. Access to MSNB is simple and easy thanks to its innovative digital platform. You can also access MSNBC Live streaming from a web browser on your desktop. MSNBC is working on bringing you Live MSNBC TV and full episodes accessible via phones and tablets.According to MSNBC, “Consumers [turn] to the digital network for NBC News’ world-class video and exclusive reports on the latest breaking international, business, and political and entertainment News.”  In 2011, MSNBC’s digital traffic reached 161 million viewers in 2011.  According to latest ratings, prime time viewing alone has a total of 1 434 000 viewers.

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And it all begun in 1996. Microsoft joined forces with the National Broadcasting Corporation to create the ever-growing News empire that is, MSNBC Live stream. MSNBC inherited its parents’ industry-leading characteristics, adopting Microsoft’s technological innovation and progress as well as NBC’s wide reach as a television broadcaster. MSNBC Streaming was a pioneer in connecting News and television to the internet, bringing News broadcasting into the digital age.

The 2000s marked a significant change for the merged company. Having enjoyed a great deal of success initially, the momentum started to die down. In order to develop their enterprises separately, NBC progressively bought Microsoft out of MSNBC to continue creating spectacular viewing while Microsoft focused on generating web traffic.

This bode well for MSNBC online as it warranted them more freedom to experiment with format and content.  The vision was for both TV and PC viewers to have an interactive News channel that allowed for intense discussions of current affairs, which at the time, was only found on the radio.