Can mSpy Phone Tracker Help with Cyber Bullying?

Modern mobile technology allows families to be closer, better connected and gives peace of mind for parents who like to know the whereabouts of their children at any given time. Statistics tell us that most children get their first smartphone between the ages of 10 and 13 – an important age in a child’s development where they first enter high school and make new friends.

This is also a worrying time for parents as they hand over access to thousands of apps, websites and of course social networks to their young children at a time when they are vulnerable and naive to online predators and cyber bullying.

How can kids be protected from this type of danger? One solution is to use an online cell phone tracking tool called mSpy. This software is installed on the phone you want to track and is 100% legal to use on your own children’s phone.

What is mSpy and how does it work?
The tool is a downloadable app that is privately installed on a phone; just like any other app installation you need psychical access to the device and the process takes just a few minutes.

A user account is also setup where worried parents can log in and view what activity their child has been up to including web browsing history, emails, text messages, videos watched and photos downloaded. With GPs location tracking you can also look back at all the locations the target has visited including schools, friends’ houses and other places.

More advanced features include the ability to take photos remotely and listen to phone conversations. Everything can be viewed via the online portal which can be accessed on a mobile, laptop or desktop computer.

Does mSpy prove effective in the fight against cyber bullying? report that over half of young people have at some point, been bullied on their cell phone. This is a staggering statistic that all parents and teachers should be aware of – children are tech savvy and soon find ways of getting around parental controls so you can either confiscate the cell phone which alienates the child with their pier groups or use a more effective solution.

By monitoring both the physical whereabouts and online activity of your child you can quickly determine:

  1. If they have been somewhere they shouldn’t.
  2. Your child has been talking to strangers online via chat rooms.
  3. Any suspicious patterns of web activity including visits to unsuitable websites.
  4. Potential grooming situation through personal email or instant chat.
  5. If they are being bullied by school mates or in fact are bullying someone else.

With mSpy the data is collected direct from the target phone so proof is concrete and factual and by nipping these problems in the bud early you can both protect your child online and ensure they are safe when go out and see their friends.

For some, using a spy tool is unethical and certainly, they shouldn’t be used for any other purpose such as checking up on a cheating wife or husband. But for worried parents installing an app for a short time is acting responsibly and can help with both social and educational issues your child could be experiencing.