The common case of dropping our phone in water

The advent of science and technology has brought forth many miraculous inventions and innovations that have revolutionized our lives. One of these inventions is the cell phone. Cell phones have completely taken over our daily lives such that we can’t imagine how life would be without them. They make us stay connected to our dear ones and business associates through calls and texts. Today, cell phones have technically advanced to smart phones which have greater features. They are not only capable of calling and texting, but can also take pictures, send videos and pictures through social media platforms, store data, send emails, and track location through GPS.

Some years back, we used to rely on phone booths to make calls but they were very inefficient due to overcrowding and unavailability. Today, several companies have developed and brought cheap phones that many people can afford. In fact, a survey conducted by the Pew Research Center in 2016 shows that about 95% of Americans own a cell phone of some kind while about 77% own a smartphone.

Because of the importance of phones in our lives, we need to be very careful of things that can damage our phones. One of these things is water. Water can significantly damage your phone and bring about disastrous effects. Here are the risks associated with iPhone water damage.

1. Water damage can render your phone useless. Yes, this is true as water can destroy your phone’s circuit and make it stop working completely. According to research conducted by, about a third of Britons, mostly men, have damaged their cell phones with water.

2. Stored data may be lost. Water can greatly damage your phone’s SIM card which stores important information and files such as contacts, pictures, music, and videos.

3. Water damage can void your phone’s warranty, especially iPhones, because the phone warranty doesn’t cover water damage. This means that you will have to dig into your pocket to repair or replace your damaged phone.

4. Drop in value. Your phone’s value can greatly drop when it’s damaged by water. This means that if you would wish to sell it in future, you will sell at a lower price.
Of course accidents happen and it is very easy to drop your phone into liquid or knock a cup of water onto it. Therefore water contact is inevitable. However as long as you don’t panic and act quickly you may be able to save your phone from water damage. Here is a blog post we found by Switched on Insurance which gives simple instructions what to do if you drop your phone into water…