How To Make Money With Clickbank Using Facebook

Making money through online marketing seems to be the norm these days Similarly, Facebook and Clickbank too, offer grand opportunities to earn commissions by promoting Clickbank product through Facebook fan pages and groups. This is more so because Facebook is the world’s topmost social media platform being accessed by billions worldwide. Thus getting your targeted audience and traffic on it are relatively easier. What’s more, you don’t need to make any investments of your own. Here’s how to go about it. 

Find your Group:

Once you have decided on what Clickbank products you intend selling on Facebook, start searching for all niche groups or topics to which thousands of Facebook account holders belong. This is easy and begins with logging into your personal Facebook account. But do remember that using a fake account is strictly a non-no here. After logging in, a search bar appears on the top left hand corner of the screen.

Key in the keywordsrelates to what exactly you wish to locate. For instance, if you want to promote online products and earn commissions from it, type “internet marketing”, “network marketing”, “SEO”, “online marketing”  or “affiliate marketing.” For promoting health related products, keywords like “weight loss”, “health & fitness” or “lose weight” can be typed in.

When searching for the appropriate keywords, you will observe a flood of results popping up on the screen and these include Facebook pages, posts and groups. It’s basically a grand spread from which you need to select what you want to meet your specific requirement.

Once the group section shows up, click on it to filter out the groups only. Keep studying them till you find the group most suitable to you. Once the targeted group is found, click the “join” button for joining that group. This may, however, need some time for approval because the Facebook admin will give its approval following your verification first. That’s why sending a joining request via a fake account may lead to disapproval.

Start Posting:

Post approval, on joining around 5 to 10 groups daily, start posting the selected Clickbank products that you intend selling to such groups. However, remember to use attractive headlines, a short but effective description, eye-catching images or photos and the product link when you post.

For headlines, product descriptions and images, you may take competent and professional help from trained and experienced copywriters. Visit, a site that offers a whole range of such copywriters to do the needful for you. They will study your target audience’s psychographics and demographics and draft the copy accordingly. Their prime objective is to make the product sell and they will customize their copy to your specific needs only. It won’t cost you much either, but the results will show for themselves.

Remember moreover, that sometimes Facebook doesn’t allow direct Clickbank product linking. Thus you may have to use a YouTube video or landing page to promote your product. Addressing at least 50-60 groups on a daily basis will get you the desired results. However, it takes time because you need to convince your target audience of your sincerity and honesty of purpose first.

Variety Works:

Another effective way of selling your product is to keep changing your titles, description texts and photos every alternate day when posting. This gets you a lot of traffic and sales consequently without any actual investment. Working with multiple products simultaneously is also advisable but using separate niche groups and accounts is recommended.

The Second Alternative:

There are two methods mainly to earn commissions by making use of your fan page:  One is having your personal fan page with multitudes of fans available. This would encourage you to create a pin post that’s featured on the page and get you the resultant traffic. The second option is without a fan page. Try and locate someone else’s fan page and create a pinned post for all your products for a week, fortnight or even a month for a small fee. Visit for offers relating to fan page posts.

The 3rd method:

Facebook undoubtedly is the place to find the right target audience. This may be done by identifying some popular and active posts. Once you’re done this, check for posts which have the maximum number of comments, likes and shares. These are the so called active posts and constitute your real target audience. Start sending about ten to twenty simple promotional messages to them along with the product and keep repeating daily. Someone along the way will surely respond.

It goes without saying again that Facebook is the leading social media platform in the world today and will continue to be so in the foreseeable future. That’s why you already have a readymade base of millions of buyers waiting out there to pick up your Clickbank products. Use Facebook sensibly and you certainly won’t regret it.