9 Mobile Applications Useful for Women

Latest gadgets are great helpers in making our life more organized. Thanks to notifications, we don’t forget about our friends’ birthdays and other important events. And do you know a person that can live without an alarm? Smartphones bring ease in your everyday routine. But what makes mobile devices so helpful for users? The answer is free apps. Are there some really useful for women?

All the girls face with difficult choices during the day: what accessorize to wear with that dress? What delicious meal to cook? What food to eat to stay healthy? And no woman can spend a day without opportune reminders and to do lists! Appstore and GooglePlay offer many different applications for women to stay fit, organized and stylish. But what are the most helpful and extraordinary? Here you have a list of popular apps for girls that will turn your everyday struggles into effortless tasks.

  1. Stylebook

You may not be a fashionista, but you need this app! Remember those times of hesitating which pair of boots suits your look better? They are gone forever with ‘Stylebook.’ To get your advice, take photos of your clothes and download them to your profile, and if you want to look even better you can find a Miami botox provider to make some improvements as well. Stylebook will create an unforgettable outfit of the day for you deciding on the items from your wardrobe. BIAB infills are great for women that love getting their nails done monthly.

  1. Nike + Running

Sports affects your body and soul in a positive way. You need exercises not only to look good but also to feel well. The morning run is a key to a healthy lifestyle. If you lack motivation to run every morning, Nike will help you! You can track your route and compete with your friends with Nike+ Running. Share the results of your run on social networks and stay inspired with recommendations from experts.

  1. Period Tracker

Period Tracker is a must-have app for every woman! It will remind you about your period and make predictions on following months. This helper also estimates chance of pregnancy and define ovulation time. The tracker will help you take care of your health with reminders and notifications.

  1. KillSwitch

Breakups are an essential component of growing up. Sometimes love just disappears from your life. But not your Facebook page! If you are tired of seeing the face of your ex every time you visit Facebook, then KillSwitch is your friend! This smart instrument can remove all the photos with an ex from your page and protect you from unpleasant memories!

  1. Goodreads

If your everyday underground travel becomes an engaging journey to the world of book, we present you Goodreads! Goodreads is one of the useful sources for all the bookworms. Creating your account on Facebook, you will open yourself a universe of literature. Here you can find book recommendations, giveaways and readers’ reviews.

  1. Do

Forgot to create a grocery list or to pay someone for writing your essays? The world is hectic, and it is not so impossible to forget to do some errands. But your life can be more organized with Any.Do. There you can create lists, set reminders and define a priority for every task. This helpful organizer will keep you informed about important meetings and planned events.

  1. Shop Savvy

Every girl has a dream-dress she always wanted to have. But when you already come across that dress it appears you can’t afford it! What a disaster!

Shop Savvy was created to help you avoid shopping depression and get what you want for the lowest price. It compares prices of certain item and offers you the best deals. For example, if you need a cute blue prom dress, the app will show you the best ones with the best prices.

  1. Flipboard

Flipboard is an app that gathers news from the whole world. Whether you are interested in fashion, mindfulness, politics or recent technology, you can personalize the search to get informative articles every day. The instrument aggregates long reads and opinions from all the spheres to keep you updated on current affairs. Stylish design and simple interface make Flipboard irreplaceable for your smartphone.

  1. GoodGuide

If you are environmentalist, GoodGuide is already downloaded on your device. But if you are looking for an environmental-friendly shampoo or organic products GoodGuide can recommend your those. Ingredients lists are frequently confusing, but this application will tell you the unknown truth about every component of the soap you are going to buy.