4 Reasons Discrimination Hinders a Business

Discrimination is a terrible thing, regardless of what context it’s in. For example, if employees feel like they’re not being listened to or customers notice lawsuits being taken out against companies, it can hurt the public and working image of the business and make it impossible for the company to function.

Here are the top four ways discrimination hinders a business and why it’s simply not an option in any public workspace.

There’s A Lack of Creativity In Sameness

If everyone in the company is the same type of person: creativity in the business will die.  There’s no reason that a business should have only one kind of person on its payroll.  This type of business will only have one type of idea moving forward and won’t be able to compete.

This ranges not only from the output of ideas to the creativity that comes from those running operations.  The larger range of employees and different lived experiences, the larger the chance that these employees will turn around and say what matters most to them and what works best with them.

This lack of creativity could also affect advertising since a company composed of only one type of person will only know how to advertise to, and cater to, this individual type of person. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with creating a recognizable company and has an iconic look:  but doing so through discrimination isn’t an option any should consider.

Good Employees Will Leave Faster

Employees who feel like the company is doing the wrong thing will leave faster than otherwise.  Although a paycheck is nice, if they feel like they’re being discriminated against or fear one of their coworkers is being discriminated against, they’ll quickly decide that they have no choice but to leave.  People are money-driven, of course, but a paycheck can’t make up for the emotional tax that can come from discrimination.

Lawsuits Will Open Quickly

Any wronged employee, who feels like discrimination is being used against them while working, will quickly work to open a lawsuit against the company.  This can be a huge issue since cases are expensive and incredibly public.  Although you feel like you’re in the right, and the accusation is false, there’s nothing wrong with going and fighting back against the lawsuit.

If the lawsuit holds water, this could be a large loss of money and a big hit on the public opinion of your company.

Customers Won’t Want To Support the Business.

Many consumers realize that the best way to ensure businesses align with what’s ‘right’ in their eyes is only to support companies who treat their employees well.  Although it doesn’t help in every case, many shoppers will avoid companies with a bad social reputation.  If your company has a history of discrimination and poor hiring and firing processes, there are discrimination cases against the company: there will be backlash from your customers.  If nothing else dissuades a company from discrimination, hitting it in the wallet will.