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Has your PC started to slow down noticeably? When you open something does it take forever to load? The most common reasons for a slow PC are lots of programs running in the background hogging up memory and a cluttered registry. If such is the case, there are many things you can do about it. Not all solutions are costly and time consuming, try this…

CCleaner (used to be known as CrapCleaner) is still mostly an undiscovered gem. It is used to optimize your system (Windows only) and also to help maintain your privacy. It has been reviewed by Web User Magazine,,, the Daily Telegraph and many other websites. It has been unanimously declared a most useful software and is among many people top 10 must have softwares list (mine included). Having used it since it was still in version 1 I can honestly say that it has never caused a hangup on my PC nor has it caused my system to crash.

What it does is fairly simple: over the course of the usage of your PC, you will have installed and uninstalled various games, applications, etc. CCleaner will allow you to remove the traces that are left behind in your registry. This means that your registry is smaller and hence can be worked through faster by your computer. Additionally, you can also set it to clean up the cache in your Web Browser, your browser history, your most recent documents, your recycle bin and also a host of other things that are slowly sucking up your hard disk space and causing your system to slow down. You can also use it to uninstall any program that is installed on your PC (provided that it has an uninstaller).
A simple concept, exceptionally well executed and supremely easy to use. A must have and best of all it is completely free. What more can I say?
CCleaner - Freeware Windows Optimization

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  1. CCleaner is a great tool
    my pc was slowing down, just installed it
    i hope this will solve my problem
    i will come back with the feedback

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