Johannesburg Stock Exchange | JSE Online Trading

JSE Limited (Johannesburg Stock Exchange Limited) previously known as JSE Securities Exchange has well over 472 listed companies (estimated) and is the largest stock exchange in Africa.


JSE, currently the 16th largest stock exchange in the world is located at the heart of South Africa. As of now, JSE is planning to create a sort of Pan-African exchange by allowing traders to initially trade in shares from Zambia, Zimbabwe, Namibia and Ghana. JSE also has plans to expand across Africa later.

For someone who is not aware of what JSE is, well, it is a market where securities can be traded under a regulated or defined legal procedure. This stock exchange is not just a trading platform, but it also entertains investors by giving them profits on their investments in the form of dividends.

In all, there is only one stock exchange, JSE, in the whole of South Africa, which has one honorary committee and elected stockbroking members who are an essential part of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.

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