Nokia Symbian^4 Development | Nokia’s Symbian OS

For just a flash back, every one thought Nokia has alienated its Symbian OS and Windows Mobile has conquered the OS platform. But that did not happen. Nokia is on its way for a total revolution in the form of  Symbian^4 development.


Nokia has finally announced to work on Symbian^4 OS development which is an advance move in regard of Symbian^3 development. However, if we consider the facts, Nokia has not yet launched a phone based on Symbian^3 technology but they are pretty sure they will get through Symbian^4 development.

At this point, we must be rational and realistic about Nokia’s current plans. It would not be wrong if we a call Nokia’s Symbian^4 development a ‘long shot’ due to a couple of reasons. First, we have not yet seen any Nokia device with Symbian^3 OS. Second, there is hardly any noticable  difference between Symbain^3 and Symbian^4 OS.

All we can do is wait and wait. Wait till Nokia plans to launch a device working on Symbian^3 OS. And then further wait for Symbian^4 OS just to get approved.

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