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Watch free live broadcast of Ten Cricket Channel Live online. Ten Cricket Channel live online is the 24 hours dedicated Cricket channel that broadcast free Cricket matches online. Ten Cricket channel is announced through a premier sports broadcaster from Asian Sub-Continent, which is known as Taj Television India Pvt. Ltd.

Ten Cricket’s dedicated live Cricket matches broadcaster will be the 3rd Channel of Taj Television Network, that’s going to starts its transmission this month.  Watch Ten Cricket Channel live online for free broadcast cricket featured programs, live and mix of non-live shows related to Cricket. Ten Cricket channel the Indian sports channel is the exclusive channel that broadcast live Cricket in action online. Channel comes with the broadcasting rights of five cricket boards -Pakistan, South Africa, Sri Lanka, and West Indies & Zimbabwe. Watch live online best cricketing action from Ten Cricket channel.

For all Cricket lovers, you can watch live broadcast stream of Ten Cricket Channel right from here.

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  2. I think it would be a good thing if an effort is made to shoow the live matches i fuull screen mode. Many thanks for showing it in any case.

  3. im using videocon d2h, presently i can watch ten sports and ten action+, Kindly take necessary steps to add your new cricket channel on videoconD2H before the India-South Africa series.Thank you

  4. how to watch the ten cricket channel online?There doesnt seem to be a link or anything.Somebody please help

  5. i dont think what was the neccessity of launching new cricket channel when u hv ten sports and ten sports+,its a blackmailing to viewer as we are already paying handsome amount for existing sports channel , we are using videocon d2h, we cant unstand hw to get ten cricket

  6. thanks for showing live cricket this telecast is not coming in dd, tensports. keep it uppppppp………

  7. it’s great work folks- what u bring to d plate…
    now nothin’s needed to be interrupted..
    thanks a lot,keep up d good work…
    m a big cric buff…grateful u keep d fire in me going…
    u’l b readin more from me……

  8. Thanks a lot…

    i love this site as it helps us to watch cricket when we r not able to access TV..

    Thkq Zahipedia

  9. what a web site I love this & i am trying to see all live cricket match through this website.

  10. this is a good website to see live match if u havent got that chenel on ur TV so its cool. but wats not cool is that india is loosin

  11. its really good to match on PC .. i believe that the only backlog in this is that we can not maximize it… please make this correct.. thnk u…

  12. thanx a lot……..i was really worried tat i cant c this match…bt nw i’m vry happy……hope watchin like this wont damage my computer.

  13. Iam watching Ten Cricket Live, but the Pepsi Ad window is not closing and there is no option to close it…can anyone help? Really missing the good action.


  15. i bow my head to this website

    excellent one

    even my net speed was to low i am able to watch the match without any delay and breaks.

  16. Thanks to taj for broadcasting TEN CRICKET in d internet as i live in hostel so watching tv is not allowed bt atleast i cn nw watch matches in d internet

  17. it’s awasome…… the link and picture quaility is very good.ten cricket shows the match with unbrockebal line.

  18. thank you zahipedia …… its only bcoz of u i m able 2 watch the test series as our tv channel service provider cud not get ten cricket for our town …….. thank you so much …..

  19. there is no live 10 cricket vedio available. Simple marketing technique, feel sorry for these guys. how in the world they think I would even consider doing business with such firms who try to reach in such fraudulant ways?

  20. this is the finest site in the world for live streaming…….thanks zahipedia

  21. Good quality cricket. The only problem for indian fans is internet in India Sucks. so can’t watch it continuously..
    anyways, Thanks for this great site.

  22. this is the finest site in the world for live cricket streaming……..thanks zahipedia

  23. this is the wonderfull opurtunity for me to watch the live cricket…… thanks to the zahipedia for providing me this facility……………. thank you very very much…..

  24. Thanks a lot ten cricket and ten sports. for providing a best and coolest cricket cricket channel.
    But we r facing a problem. ie ten cricket replaces ten sports whenever there is a live telecast of any series.
    Pls. instruct us what to do

  25. Its a very good site for view the live sports,but try to added full screen option,this is also office viewer site,thanks to all who are launched this last thanks TEN SPORTS for showing the live sports……now the age is electronics & PC, so, its really upgraded electronics media & human mind….

  26. this site is amazing……..watchin cricket online while doin sum office wrk………….

  27. i love this website because it shows all the live cricket matches and it is my first experience

  28. easily the best site, others r cheating not giving any sports channel but posting ad links

  29. It’s always a great miss if u are not able to watch live a test match and that too a clash between 2 top teams in the world.Ten cricket you are doing a wonderful job by posting a live telecast on the net and it’s so comfortable.Right now I am plugged on to it with my laptop in the car.Phew! What luxury man!

  30. the best website to watch live cricket!!!!!!……………….super!!!!!!!!…….thanxx zahipedia!!!

  31. i would like to say THANX from the depth of my HEART……………..really………my whole family enjoyed the live telecast of these WONDERFULL mathes THANX ONCE AGAIN

  32. Yes Ten Cricket Live is cool……..
    But…..But…..But……,it should b shown in HD fullsreeen format!!!

  33. I watched various channels for live cricket match between india & The audio quality is best as compared to others. video quality is also nice. Thank you

    shashi goyal

  34. i m very happy 2 get this opportunity n i never saw this type ever clear online streaming thank u

  35. Picture quality is great and works without interrupt on 256 kbps speed. this is really great thing… no waitings… no logins and payments… this is super and dupper!!!!!

  36. It’s an wonderful opportunity to watch this match live!But decided waste of time spending to watch Indian heroes and so called youngsters under a useless Captain called Dhana Dhan Doni!

  37. The best stream ever I love it whenever they play in my country we do not get a live telecast but with 10 cricket it’s all good.Thank you

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