Windows Phone 7 Sync for Mac by Microsoft

October 13, 2010 – 10:59 am | by Talal

For such scenarios, no you don’t need an ‘Oracle’ or a ‘Nostradamus’ to predict what’s next. Every one saw it coming. Microsoft recently announced  a ‘select content’ sync of Windows Phone 7 for Mac users.

Unlike Apple‘s strategy for iPhone, iPod or even iPad for that matter, Microsoft has been generous enough to let its Windows 7 phone users to sync data with their Mac. Some of the critics have pointed out that such a ‘harmony creating’ move executed by Microsoft does not really effect the percentage of people who use Windows. They have already an established market and rather would attract more users since the launch of new Windows 7 smart phone.

For current Mac users, it is highly recommended that they search online for the beta OS X app and download it to their Macs if they intend to carry Microsoft Windows 7 phone with them along their important data in it.


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