Apple`s Latest Mac Book Air VS Apple iPad


Apple, the iPod, iPhone, iPad and Mac giant, comes up with everything cool. There are other big names in the market that compete against the trends-setting Apple products, but the thing that is even more interesting is the battle inside the Apple family. Apple is the MacBook Air and iPad creator, and may be Apple doesn’t want to take sides with any of its babies, people take one. Which Apple will you choose for yourself; Apple`s latest MacBook Air or Apple`s latest revolutionary iPad tablets? The competition is fierce!

Apple`s MacBook Air models with an 11.6-inch screen weigh slightly more than 2 pounds, are razor thin and have a $1,000 starting price, inexpensive by Apple standards. Models with a 13.3-inch display are equally svelte and only a bit heavier. They start at $1,299 and climb to $1,799. Whereas Apple iPad offers revolutionary Multi-Touch screen, and ability to run thousands of applications that a tablet PC or e-reader can’t. And now with Apple iPad sale on Wal-Mart, during the holiday season coming up, easy computing becomes available to everyone in affordable prices.

Apple realizes that while the iPad is stylish, futuristic and perfect for consuming information, it’s not as ideal for creating content. You will want a notebook with a full-size keyboard that’s on the Apple MacBook Air models. So pick your style and pick your Apple!