Samsung mobile phone seems to have a busy holiday season coming up. With one hand Samsung is bagging deals for its Galaxy Tab content and on the other hand Samsung is about to release a sequel to its first Google Phone, the Nexus one. Rumors have it that Google might revive the Nexus phone line at the upcoming Samsung’s “Android” event due this November 8th.

This Samsung and Google delight has been referred to as Nexus Two but may come out with a different name. Nexus Two would be the first Android phone to ship with Gingerbread and would support all its features, such as possible Nexus One. No rumored specs or hardware sheets are out for the Nexus Two yet. But if Samsung does make this phone, we can expect a Super AMOLED display, probably around 4″ or may be a larger 4.3″ screen. The processor might be somewhere between 1-1.2 GHz. But you never know what Samsung is up to.

Earlier this week, Samsung sent out invitations to the event for an unveiling of “a new Android device.” Samsung has recently rolled out its high-end Galaxy S line of Android phones, this new device must be something special that a whole media event has been demanded for it. Also multiple, trusted sources have stated that Google and Samsung are holding this press conference on November 8 just for this reason. So I guess we`ll all have to wait until then!

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