Samsung first Android Samsung Galaxy Tab

Samsung, the Korean giant, couldn’t have made a better Apple iPad competitor. With Samsung Galaxy Tab, the audience is due to experience the magic of Samsung yet again. Samsung smartphones are well known for being dandy, classy and cost effective. Now get ready to be blown away by the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Tab that is a product of teamwork!

Samsung, for its Galaxy Tab, teams up with WHSmith for books, the Financial Times (FT) for news and Gameloft for games. Both the FT and WHSmith have developed apps for Samsung’s open source Android OS based smart device, and the FT has already started bragging about its first HTML5 app for the Android OS. FT managing director Rob Grimshaw says “We are delighted to be launching the FT’s first Android and HTML5 based app with the Samsung Galaxy Tab. Our readers have already shown great appetite for consuming our news and analysis on tablet devices and Galaxy Tab is another very exciting channel for FT content,”

Samsung has got it all. It offers style, comfort and innovation. Samsung is as much a trend setter as Apple. So keep watching for this one!

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