Samsung Galaxies have outpaced iPhone 4s

The newly launched Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus have out paced every other smart phone in the market. The new phone which is manufactured with the collaboration of Google and Samsung is fastest phone, clearing every other benchmark test with a significant speed. 

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus squeezed ahead of Apple iPhone 4s and Droid Razr in a browsing speed test, more over it also beat its predecessor phone the Samsung Galaxy S2 with almost double the margin in browsing speed test.

The newly launched Samsung Galxy Nexus is not only the fastest phone in the market but it also have a stunning 1280X720 resolution and 4.7″ screen. The size of the screen and its speed makes a wonder browsing experience on a mobile device.

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus would be equipped with a 1.5 GHz Quad Core Processor just like their fellow rivals HTC, which makes its processing speed neck to neck with some of the laptops available today.

It will also be carrying a five time faster graphic chip then the current models, but graphic wise it still is not fast then Apple’s iPhone 4S integrated A5 graphic chip.

A source in Samsung said about their new phone that ‘It’s a big step past the Galaxy Nexus class in every way’.