How Can I Recover My Hacked Facebook Account?

I once forgot my password and I can assure you that I did not like the experience. I was not able to log into my account to access my profile. Thanks to the password recovery option, I was able to successfully recover the lost password. It was relieving as I was sure that my account would not be hacked.

The hacking of Facebook accounts has always been a problem amongst many Facebook users.

Most of us have fallen victim to this and have always wondered about the way forward. Whether you have a problem with your forgotten password or hacked account, this piece should help you recover your Facebook account.

The fact that Facebook is one of the most popular social sites that so far has been able to redefine web connectivity; the accounts have a high propensity of being hacked. No one likes having their personal information compromised. The sensitivity of the matter has forced Facebook to devise solutions relating to hacked accounts. Cases of forgotten password in one of the many causes of account hacking.  Here is how one can be able to recover their hacked account.

a)      Conduct a diagnosis on your account      

Conduct a diagnosis on your account
Conduct a diagnosis on your account


As the user you need to diagnose your account to determine whether it is truly hacked. This can be easily done. Take time to go through your account to see if you can find unknown people in your friend list. You can also determine this by checking whether your site promotes stuffs such as Viagra, narcotics and weapons.

You can diagnose your account by following this; find the ”Facebook Account Settings” option, access the ”Security” button and click on the ”Active Sessions” button. With the click, you’ll be able to access your most recent activities. You’ll also be able to identify any other active sessions hence be in a position of logging out.

b)      Recover your account    

Recover your account
Recover your account

Recovering your account is easy. A problem arises only if you have forgotten your password. In such a case, you’ll need to first of all work your way through the password recovery process. Once you have recovered your password, you can then start the account recovery process.

To start off the process, make sure that your PC does not contain any key loggers or spyware for that matter. Once that is determined, you can then go ahead and change your password and any other security information that might have been compromised.

In a scenario where your account has some spamming incidences, you might find it necessary to contact Facebook and submit a request via the ”Facebook Hacked” page. If you intend on retrieving the full rights of your account, you must submit this request lest you risk your account being limited or closed.

The procedure is quite involving when it comes to forgotten passwords. In my case, I forgot my password hence I had to first of all recover it. This can be done by clicking on the ”Forgot Password” button and regain access to your account.