Use your Mac Keyboard to type on your iPhone or iPad

You cannot ignore the importance of a Mac keyboard, which is comparatively much bigger and easier to use as compared to iPhone’s or iPad’s tiny screen keyboard. What if you can use the same keyboard to perform typing on your iPhone or iPad? That would be great, right? Luckily you can use the Macbook or Apple keyboard for typing on your iPad or iPhone without any hassle.

Use your Mac Keyboard to type on your iPhone or iPad

Apple is popular for its innovative gadgets and softwares. The tech giant has introduced a number of features in its latest iOS 8, one of them is the use of third party keyboards for iPhones and iPads. They definitely make typing much easier without a doubt. Though, typing on Macbook is a completely different experience.

There is not much hassle involved in setting up a keyboard for your iPhone and iPad. Any wireless keyboard should be able to work on your iPhone or iPad.

Bluetooth Keyboard Connectivity:

First of all, you need to establish connectivity between your Mac computer and your iPad/iPhone. Its fairly simple.

  1. If you see a Bluetooth icon in  the customizable Mac Menu Bar, turn it on.
  2. From your iPad or iPhone, access Settings -> Bluetooth and turn it on also.
  3. In your Mac screen, click on the Bluetooth icon and hit Open Bluetooth Preferences -> click Pair
  4. You will also receive a confirmation message on your iPad or iPhone, which would also mention a code, simply hit Pair
  5. You are done with pairing your gadget with your Mac computer

Considering the example of 1Keyboard, that is also commonly used. Once you connect your iPhone or iPad to your Mac using Bluetooth, 1Keyboard will see it right away.

  1. Click on the menu bar item
  2. Select your device
  3. Start typing

The letters will start displaying on your selected device screen. If you click anywhere on your Mac’s desktop, it will switch back to the Mac screen as it starts typing there. The application is fairly easy to use, and what seems to be a difficult job, gets it done in a jiffy.

Type2Phone is another application which works similar to 1Keyboard. In fact there are not many steps involved either for typing.

  1. Connect your device through Bluetooth with your Mac
  2. Launch the application Type2Phone
  3. Start typing

When the application is not in use, it disconnects itself by default, and connects back to the last connected device. Type2Phone also lets you use different combination of keys in order to perform various functions. The application also includes dictation through voice, but does not applied perfectly, since Siri has much better performance in this category.